My name is Chiara Bruni, I am an Italian photographer and author born in Frosinone in 1987. I did my human studies at La Sapienza University of Rome where I got my Master’s degree
in Contemporary Theater in 2015. I attended the courses “Stage Photography”, “Darkroom” and “Analogical Printing” at Officine fotografiche (Rome) in 2016 and 2017.

I use photography to translate my inner world through images. I investigate the theme of identity in an intimate sphere, I relate the body and the surrounding space to create alternative realities.

I am attracted by places that do not exist and I am projected towards a surrealistic and dreamy dimension. My research includes different creation processes ranging from digital and analogue collages to sewing on images created by me or belonging to archives.


2021 — Part of HUMAN LAB by Yogurt Magazine, Rome.

2021 — Published in BAD TASTE FLAVOUR for Yogurt Magazine edition.

2021 — Published in MOJO for Yogurt Magazine edition.

2021 — Collective exhibition REUNION CALLING at Phest, photographic festival, Monopoli.

2020 — Talker at ZINES, independent and self-produced publishing, Palermo.

2020 — Collective editorial product WE ARE | NOI SIAMO edited by ÉgliseLab, Palermo.

2020 — Published on EGOSYSTEM su Art Connect.

2019 — Presentation of the fanzine EGOSISTEMA at Funzilla Photozine Festival, Rome.

2019 — Photographic collective WHO KNOWS WHAT’S GOING ON IN THE LADIES PARLOUR! at Magazzini Fotografici, Naples.

2019 — Published on PHOTOVOGUE.

2018 — Second place prize single photo section for the contest REALE at Riaperture festival, Ferrara.

2018 — Photographic collective IL SEGRETO at Centro Internazionale di Fotografia di Letizia Battaglia, Palermo.

2017 — Photographic collective ME, YOU, US IN A PARAPHILIC CONTINUUM at Homemade Gallery, Milan.